Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct Ugly Paper challenge

This month's ugly paper was  I really can't stand pink paper, which is funny because I usually love pink stuff.  I'm kinda weird that way! 

I had to figure out something to do with that pink paper!  I saw a tutorial on how to make this awesome "Panties in a bunch flower".  Many aka craftysprinkles made a fantastic tutorial on these which you can view here:  She did an awesome job with this, so making the flower was a cinch!  Thanks girl!

So, here's the LO that I came up with.  It was completely out of my element to do it this way.  I hardly ever use misting this much and I've not barely "doodled" on any of my LO's.  I wanted to use this LO for the doodle challenge this month as well over at  The background started out as just plain piece of cream cardstock.  I misted the crap out of it and used a Tim Holtz mask as well.  I doodled the "flying 'A's" in sharpie and the coils with pumpkin smooch accent ink.  I like how it turned out even though it's a little out of my comfort zone!

Here's a better look at the doodles.  The inspiration came from my right arm.  I have a partial sleeve tattooed and the stars and dots are a very old school style of tattoos which I have.  They are also known as flying 'A's'.  Love the look of them.  That skull stamp just above is one that I picked up in Germany at one of the museums! 

Here's a shot of that oh so ugly embellishment that I received!  I really didn't know what to do with it, so I misted it as well and added some stickles on it here and there and then ran it under a heat gun to kind of grunge it up a bit as it dried...It didn't come out too bad actually!

 Here's a shot of my super awesome flower!  I threw a hanger paperclip on it for a little extra something!  Those tickets are just some Tim Holtz stamps fussy cut.  Had to have them to go with the photo that was taken at the carnival earlier in the year!

 Here's a piece of that other ugly paper that I received.  I misted the crap out of that too.  lol.  Pretty much everything on the page got a good coat of mist! 

TFL!!!  Have a great day!!!

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