Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Cake

I was asked by a friend of mine to make a birthday cake for one of our mutual friends last week!  I was so excited about it because it's the first time anyone had actually ASKED me to make a cake.  Usually I just take it upon myself to do them every now and again.  I was nice to be actually asked!  I was pretty happy with the outcome of it, even though I think it was far from perfection, it worked!  Especially since the recipient and the rest of the group were a bunch of military vets and  They just wanted it to taste good, and hoped that it went with whatever "beverage" they were drinking at the time!  None the less, I couldn't help but try to make it "pretty".  They loved it, and it tasted great!  I managed to steal some great shots as well, and wanted to share them!  Hope you enjoy!

I was astonished by how well the food coloring I used dyed my counter tops in this process....

 I couldn't help but giggle at how the little beaded molds looked like red caterpillars before they were finished!

 I tried to "emboss" the black fondant to make it look like a leather vest... I actually used a leather vest to do  Ingenious, I know.  ;)

Here's a decent side view.  The fondant was still wet, so it unfortunately has a shiny glare to it in this photo.

 Another close up of the sides to show how I tried to emboss and wrinkle it a bit to simulate the leather vest.

Gotta have the birthday boy with his cake of course!  He loved it!

 But then, just like a man, destroyed it with hi own "special" touches!  Yuck! fondant!!!!

And of course, what biker birthday bash ins't complete without spiderman and rainbow colored party napkins!!!

 At least he actually lit the candles and was able to blow them all out quickly before the cake melted!  Yay! Go Max!

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