Sunday, June 15, 2014

Change of perspective...

It's been an interesting year so far this 2014.  Recently I've discovered I have some unexpected "fans" of my blog, my scrappy work and my life in general.  After doing some thinking on the matter, I've decided to jump back into my wonderful world of glittered memories!!  My wonderful husband and I have FINALLY reached a point in our lives where we can truly move forward with everything!  Nothing stands in our way any longer!  It's such an amazing feeling!  No matter what life tries to throw at us, we will ALWAYS persevere and come out of it on top!  We've learned over the years that nothing can poison our relationship because, just like the fairy tales boast, true love conquers all and breaks all the curses!  Now, I will get off my soap box!  It's good to be back!  Will give a quick synopsis of the past several months shortly...stay tuned!

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