Monday, September 19, 2011

Bug Swap!

I hosted my first ever swap, and it was over at Scraps of Darkness!  It was a bug swap.  Each participant had to create their own bugs and then swap with their given partners!  Here are the cute bugs that I got!  They're cute little spiders from Jrabs... Thanks girl!!! Can't wait to use them!


  1. You Know I am kicking myself! When I finally found the gumption to try to join I realized I missed the cut off date. LOL. Well next time I'm gonna leap without looking. Love your bugs. I can't wait to see what you ladies all come up with .. and I bet that will encourage the rest of us! Thank you for hosting that challenge!

  2. Such a fun swap and I love those little bugs Jen created! Nancy sent me some wonderful sticky bugs plus some beautiful additions. Thanks for hosting this challenge! You are such a sweetie and I love having you as a sister over on the Dark Side! ~Renea